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Summertime Blues

May 21, 2017

Okay, this post isn’t actually about having the blues at all. In fact, I am tremendously happy and more relaxed now that I’m out of school. This semester was academically rigorous and emotionally draining and I am just very grateful it is now over.

Summer is my absolute favorite season. I find that picking outfits in the summer is much easier than finding an immense amount of clothes to layer and pair in the winter. Plus, the bright colors are so much more fun to work with.

Memorial Day is right around the corner, which means it’ll soon be socially acceptable to wear white pants again. (Although I don’t entirely follow that rule year around.)  But, wearing white pants always means finding fun shirts to pair it with.

My go-to favorite color has always been blue. Blue and white together is my favorite color combination (add pink and my heart flutters <3 ). I found the cutest blue pieces within the past month that I have listed all below to make the perfect summer outfit.


My birthday is the first week of May and, unfortunately, always falls during final exams. But, this year my friends made it really special. They gave me these adorable silver balloons so I could post Taylor Swift’s “22” caption on my Instagram. 🙂 LOL.

I also found this perfect blue and white pin striped dress to wear for the day at (where else?) Zara.

I’ve also got my hair done at the drybar on the morning of my birthday for the past few years as a treat to myself. 🙂

This next look has a top I also found at Zara. It’s so cute and flirty for the summer. I paired it with my white ripped jeans from Abercrombie.

Speaking of fun blue tops & white jeans. I found this top (for under $20) at Forever21, just the other day!! I’m loving off the shoulder tops lately and this is a great statement piece for the summer. (JUST LOOK AT THOSE POM POMS <3 )

If you want to go for a more simple look to wear to the beach, this next look would be perfect. I didn’t link the full outfit at the bottom because it is extremely similar to the outfit I wore in Amalfi on my post here. I got the top at TJ Maxx back in January, and the shorts and headband at Forever21.

I’ve spent all winter missing Italy so much (as I still do) that I haven’t really been appreciating home. But, now that summer is right around the corner I am so grateful that I’m surrounded by ocean all the time.

I’m going to Nantucket next weekend for Figawi Race Weekend and I am struggling to find outfits this year! I usually would just wear a Vineyard Vines hat and Shep Shirt all weekend. But, I’m thinking something different this year! I still want something preppy and comfortable. Any suggestions? Let me know in the comments below!

Outfit Links:

BIRTHDAY OUTFIT: Dress (similar here and here)  // Monogram Necklace // Heels // Number Balloons

OUTFIT 2: Top (similar here) // Jeans (also here)

OUTFIT 3: Top (similar here, here, and here) // Jeans (also here)

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Why Everyone Should Study Abroad in Florence

February 8, 2017

The decision to study abroad may come easy for some, but difficult for others. For me, I knew before going into college that I always wanted to spend a semester in another country. After the Lizzie McGuire movie made its notorious debut, I knew I wanted to go to Italy. However, after going to school and furthering my love for the arts and art history, I knew I had to go to the birthplace of the Renaissance itself: Florence.

Even if you don’t love the arts as much as I do, you can still find yourself easily equipped to calling Florence home for your time abroad. I compiled a list of the top reasons I think all students should study abroad in good old Firenze.

The Food

Gusta Pizza, Via Maggio 46R 50125 Florence, Italy

(Pro Tip: ask for the pizza in the shape of a heart <3)

(And the wine, too!) Of course, being Italy, this one is obviously at the top of the list. However, I travelled all around Italy and simply none of the food compared to the rather large amount of food I had in Florence. Florence has some of the most traditional cuisines in all of Italy that will leave  your mouth watering for days after. I’m planning on creating a list of all of my favorite places in a post at a later date (stay tuned 🙂 ).

Location, Location, Location

View of Palazzo Vecchio

Florence is in the center of Italy, which makes it absolutely perfect for travel. Italy isn’t a very large country to begin with, so, it’s never anything but a quick train ride to any one of the major cities in the country. Florence is also home to many travel agencies geared toward study abroad students that provide weekend and week-long trips at an affordable price. Some of them being: Bus2Alps, FlorenceforFun, SmartTripand EuroAdventures.


View from Piazzale Michelangelo

Florence is the easiest city to navigate. The picture above is a view of nearly the entire city itself. To compare it to Boston, it is about the size of the Back Bay area, if not smaller. You don’t ever have to worry about public transportation. You can walk from one opposite side of the city to the other in no more than 30 minutes. That being said, upon arriving, don’t use your GPS! Go wander and get lost. And, if you really need help, ask one of the many, friendly, English-speaking locals.


Gucci window display

I added the exclamation point to this one considering I have a serious shopping problem. Florence is considered the home of some of the many modern fashion brands of the world such as Guccio Gucci, Salvatore Ferragamo, and the Fendi sisters. Head over to the Duomo or Piazza della Repubblica area for some high-end shops. (Hint: there’s a FOUR STORY woman’s Zara in Piazza della Repubblica and  also another one RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET) Go to the Ponte Vecchio to window shop for some jewelry or one of the many leather markets to shop for great gifts to bring home.

Art & Architecture

Side View of the Duomo Cathedral

Chalk art in the streets

Wandering around this city is amazing. Every corner you take, every museum or palazzo you visit, you are struck with either a piece of art or architecture that leaves you speechless. To say you leave having a newfound appreciation for the city’s history and infrastructure is an understatement.

Like I said before, Florence is the birthplace of the Renaissance. The Renaissance is still living and breathing in Florence today. The Medici family was the most influential and powerful family throughout the Renaissance and they reigned in Florence. They were major patrons of the arts; discovering and commissioning recognizable artists like Michelangelo and Giorgio Vasari.

I don’t go a day without my heart aching from having to have said goodbye to this gorgeous place. This city will always and forever have a special place in my heart. I couldn’t have been happier to have called it my home for four months.

Are you going abroad soon? Have any questions? Feel free to comment below and don’t forget to subscribe!

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